Routeique - Cloud-based Logistics and Delivery Management

Manage every aspect of your commercial delivery business with Routeique.

Routeique combines a powerful cloud-based software platform with mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) devices for vehicle tracking, asset tracking, signature capture and remote invoice printing, to manage your commercial delivery business.

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What Is Routeique? Check Out The Video Overview Below

In The Office Or In The Field

Routeique is at home in any office, but where it really shines is in the field with your drivers and your reps. Drivers can stay continuously connected to headquarters with the Routeique mobile app for iOS and Android. Capabilities include; live updates of customer, route and order information, automatic route optimization, up-to-the-minute gps tracking, invoice editing, view and printing. Drivers can even collect payments, capture signatures and print a signed invoice for the customer, using only their tablet and the Routeique app.

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A Complete Order Management Solution for Distributors

Customer & Account Mgt

Add new customers to the system directly via the Routeique platform. Edit and update customer profiles as things change. Manage payment terms, schedules and routes, address and gps information and a host of other preferences for individual customers.

Order & Invoice Mgt

Add new orders and edit existing orders in Routeique, as required. All orders and updates flow directly to the mobile Routeique application in real-time, so drivers and field staff will see the most up-to-date information available at any given time.

Fleet & Route Mgt

Create and manage any number of individual routes through Routeique. Place customers on one or more routes and sequence deliveries with automatic route optimization. Scheduling customers for specific delivery days each week is as simple as clicking a button.

Product & Vendor Mgt

Manage your product inventory for any number of products, across any number of vendors and categories. Set product-specific default attributes for names, codes, prices, deposits, levies, taxable status, vendor, etc.

Reporting & Analytics

A host of standard reports are available via Routeique. Track metrics such as Order Volume By Day, Sales Revenue By Day, Top Selling Products, Low Selling Products, Sales By Rep, Deliveries By Route/Driver and a host of others.

3rd-party Integration

The system also handles integration with a number of back-office systems such as accounting platforms, as well as vendor and partner integrations through EDI or API bridges.

Our Team

Calgary, AB

Mike Allan
President & CEO

Calgary, AB

James Saretsky

Calgary, AB

Taylor Kang
Senior Developer

Calgary, AB

Rio Nicolas

Calgary, AB

Scott Birkby
Customer Advisory Board

Calgary, AB

Jodie Allan
Account Manager

Who uses Evoke landing page
Who uses Evoke landing page
Who uses Evoke landing page
Who uses Evoke landing page

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