Routeique Technology

Routeique is a melding of platform and hardware. We are where Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) meets Edge Computing, offering the complete package of IOT devices for vehicle tracking, asset tracking and wireless peripherals.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time Asset Tracking (Coolers / Freezers)

Routeique Vehicle Computer (In Development)

Industrial IOT Devices

Routeique offers wireless vehicle tracking devices for commercial vehicles. Vehicle tracking devices automatically register and provision themselves, once activated, allowing for autonomous real-time tracking of your commercial fleet, anywhere in the world.

Automatically track location data on latitude, longitude, speed, heading and direction, along with accelerometer data to detect if a vehicle is being driven improperly, or has likely been involved in a collision.

The Routeique technology team is currently designing and building a series of wireless asset tracking devices for use in the commercial delivery space. Automatically track access to commercial fridges, freezers and other storage systems in remote locations, while employing sensors such as load cells and pressure switches to remotely detect product inventory used and remaining.

This real-time data allows for much more accurate inventory and re-ordering statistics, ensuring the most efficient inventory levels possible.

Routeique is currently designing and testing a number of wireless peripherals for use in the commercial delivery space. The first peripheral scheduled to be released is a wireless thermal printer, capable of printing from any number of mobile devices including iOS and Android devices, without the need for AirPrint or Google Cloud Print compatibility or configuration.

Drivers and field reps can print directly to their wireless thermal printer, while office staff can also access and print to the printer remotely, in the event that a driver's mobile device is unavailable or malfunctioning.



Routeique offers a number of integrations with 3rd-party systems such as SAP, through EDI bridging. Currently, the system integrates with the SAP systems for a number of international vendors such as Nestle and Parmalat. Routeique also offers a variety of data intergration methods including AS2, SFTP, HTTPS and others.

Accounting Systems

Routique integrates with SMB accounting systems such as QuickBooks and Sage, as well as enterprise-level accounting packages and ERP systems. If you have specific integration needs, speak to our team about how we can make Routeique a seamless part of your technology ecosystem.

Telephony, SMS And Email Integrations

Route offers fully-integrated call centre functionality, including complete telephony management, inbound/outbound SMS and email management, as well as triggered and campaign-based email and SMS delivery.


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May 24 - 25, 2016 Twilio Signal Conference San Francisco

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