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If you'd like to see what's under the hood of the Routeique system, browse the list of features and functions below.

Additional features

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Cloud-Based, Secure Customer/Rep Portal

"Give customers and field reps direct control of the order process, from anywhere, at anytime."

Allow your customers to place and manage their own orders remotely, via computer, smart phone or tablet. Save time and money on manual order entry, while simultaneously reducing keying errors by having customers enter their own SKUs and quantities. Save order 'templates' to aid customers in entering frequent orders

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Interactive Route Management

Quickly and easily build routes, optimize delivery sequences and schedule delivery days.

Routeique allows users to build any number of routes and schedule any number of customers on any days of the week. Customers can appear on more than one route and of different days for each route, for the ultimate in flexibility. Of course, for times when a rush order is required, it's always possible to override the default routing for any order.

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Time Management

Track time for drivers, sales reps and call centre personnel with ease.

Routeique provides automatic tracking of drivers' daily time sheets, with full gps coordinates included, to ensure things are on track. All calls, emails and sms messages sent via the Routeique platform are already tracked in terms of user, customer, date, time and duration. Routeique provides the ultimate visibilty into your daily operations at a glance.

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Contact Management

Every phone call, every email and every sms message tracked automatically.

Routeique captures every aspect of your interactions with customers, from inbound and outbound calls in your call centre, to emails to and from the order desk, to sms messages sent to and from the company. Automatically record order desk calls for quality assurance and even transcribe calls to text, for analysis by our intelligent analysis tools.

In The Office Or In The Field

Routeique is at home in any office, but where it really shines is in the field with your drivers and your reps. Drivers can stay continuously connected to headquarters with the Routeique mobile app for iOS and Android. Capabilities include; live updates of customer, route and order information, up-to-the-minute gps tracking, invoicing editing, view and printing. Drivers can even collect payments, capture signatures and print a signed copy for the customer, using only their tablet and the Routeique app.

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A Complete Call Centre In The Cloud

Let Routique handle your phones, your email, the management of your website and your customer portal.

Phone Integration (Telephony)

Routeique manages inbound and outbound calls, for a staff of one, or an entire distributed call centre. Agents make and receive calls anywhere they can login to Routeique. 'Screen pop' and callerID allow one-click order placement or editing when a customer calls.

Email Integration (Order Desk)

Let Routeique manage and track emails to and from your call centre. Automatically track emails to customers and attach threads to an orders. Routique can even send daily reminders to your customers to place their orders online, bypassing your call centre entirely.

Website And Customer Portal Mgt

Manage every aspect of your website and customer ordering portal - no need for programmers or designers. Customers can manage orders and invoices on your site, as soon as you go live with Routeique. Orders flow directly into the Routeique system, ready for processing.

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