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We Deliver for Our Investors


Since our inception in 2016, Routeique™ has grown by leaps and bounds. We have developed the team, technology, and traction to really deliver for our investors. We have partnered with some incredible investors so far, and we're excited to continue fostering our relationships. Our investment partners have allowed us the ability to improve our office space, expand our team, acquire a new company, and more. We're excited to see what new opportunities these partnerships bring.


If you are interested in investing in Routeique™ and would like to be a part of the team, email us at

Latest Events

Canadian/European Trade Mission

We had a great time traveling to 6 different European countries with our partners at GCCIR toward the end of 2019. We learned a lot through symposiums that we attended and participated in matchmaking events that increased the number of our European contacts.

Routeique™ at the Nestle Distributor Conference

The theme for 2020, Own It!, highlighted the need for distributors to go above and beyond for their retail customers. Routeique™ received honorable mentions as a conduit to making daily operations more seamless, allowing distributors to better focus on the end goal of delighting their customers.

Autonomous Vehicle Consortium Presentation

Routeique™ is joining distributors from all over the country on January 21st for lively discussions and deliberation. This consortium is an essential touchpoint for distributors to strategize with other industry leaders and get a taste of the innovations and challenges in the year ahead.

LogiMAT 2021

Routeique™ will be back in Germany to exhibit alongside MotionMiners, our manual process intelligence partner. LogiMAT is one of the largest trade shows in Europe for intralogistics and distribution. The expo aims to give a comprehensive overview of principal areas like loading technology, order-picking systems, and transport software.

London Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo 2021

Routeique™ had an excellent time exhibiting at last year's expo with our fantastic partner, adiutaByte! We're off again in 2021 to further our presence in the UK and European market and create more meaningful connections.

Latest News

Routeique™ expands office space

Routeique™ is growing! This new year has brought new growth, so we're expanding our space. We pride ourselves in having an open office and find working in close quarters promotes group work, collaboration, and learning.

Staying Motivated & Evaluating Success Through OKRs

OKRs keep everyone on track and engaged in their individual and teamwork, and relates their work to the broader company-wide OKRs we're pursuing. As a way to help keep everyone motivated, we've begun sharing company KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on screens above everyone's desks, and a weekly review when working from home. KPIs are relevant to every team member and helps them visualize and keep track of their OKRs in turn.

AdiutaByte and Routeique™ Partnership

We at Routeique™ are excited to formally announce our partnership with adiutaByte GmbH. Combining adiutaByte's route optimizing algorithms with our existing route optimization technology allows us to recommend the most efficient routes and processes to fleet managers - reducing travel distance, time, and emissions.

MotionMiners and Routeique™ Partnership

Routeique™ is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with MotionMiners, a company specializing in manual process intelligence. The two organizations, based in Calgary and Dortmund respectively, are helping businesses enhance their warehouse operations, beginning with a collaboration on enhanced real-time route and warehouse optimization systems.

Clear AI and Routeique™ Partnership

We're delighted to be partnering with UK-based supply chain and logistics experts, Clear AI. Clear's extensive repertoire of industry data paired with our platform and development team will drive the project forward by increasing demand through product recommendations and inventory optimization.
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