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3PL Solutions to Supply Chain Problems

Today's supply chains are faced with more and more challenges when it comes to running a cost-effective and efficient organization. Many leaders within supply chains are turning to Third-Party Logistics solutions to help deal with these growing challenges. Below are 5 common supply chain challenges, and how 3PL providers can help you solve them.

Labour Shortages

It is estimated that over 60% of supply chains face a large obstacle when it comes to hiring and retaining a skilled workforce. The wrong team means your business, and your customer satisfaction may suffer. As customer demands and expectations increase, your team needs to be at the top of their game. 3PL providers have processes in place which can be used to recruit and retain qualified supply chain professionals on your behalf.

Lack of Visibility

Growing supply chains often become more complex, and it becomes more essential to have good visibility of inventory across all channels. Software programs are an obvious solution to the increased complexity of these supply chains, but they are often underutilized resulting in a poor return on investment. 3PL providers with expertise in the field can help you to get the most out of our technology.

Increased Volume of Orders

Due to companies like Amazon, customers have come to expect and demand a large variety of products from their online retailers. This increased variety means increased expenses, increased product stored in the warehouse, and increased complexity for packing orders. Coordination with multiple vendors can also be a problem for companies who sell products produced by different manufacturers. The right 3PL solution can help you to maximize your existing space and processes, to save you from having to purchase additional space.

Mergers or Acquisitions

When companies merge or transition, there is often a large task of integrating operations and systems. A 3PL provider can help to ensure that your various systems play nice together, and to optimize the way the company works. 3PL solutions may also help to remove redundant processes and implement new technologies as needed.


A 3PL can analyze your existing supply chain to identify areas of unnecessary touchpoints and costs. Using this information, they will be able to offer recommendations to build a better network. Cutting inefficiencies will help to improve operational costs and ensure that customers remain loyal to your company.

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