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Amazon's Shipment Zero Initiative

Amazon has announced its new sustainability initiative, known as the Shipment Zero initiative. Shipment Zero is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of Amazon deliveries and is aligned with broader company commitments to reduce its carbon footprint across its operations. The goal is to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce overall energy use to increase the number of items which can be delivered with less energy and resources. Ultimately the company aims to utilize 100% renewable energy in their operations.

This year Amazon plans to release figures about their existing carbon footprint, to increase visibility and help track their improvements moving forward. They've already made several steps to improve sustainability. Their Frustration-Free packaging initiative has already eliminated the need for more than 200,000 tons of packaging materials, which would have otherwise ended up as waste. Existing Amazon buildings in the USA and India are also being retrofitted to be able to utilize increased sustainable and renewable energy sources like solar and wind, reducing the non-renewable energy required to operate.

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