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Are you ready for produce season?

Produce season is the peak season for fruits and vegetables in North America. It generally runs from late February until the middle of July and consists of higher rates of growth and distribution of produce. Because produce is a cool or cold-dependent product, produce season sees an increased number of refrigerated freight vehicles on the road, and often an increase in over-road freight costs as well.

It's important to be aware that peak season for produce varies by type, some types of produce are 'in season' earlier than others. This means it's essential to be aware of the various peak seasons for produce you deal with in order to best prepare for the busy season ahead. The capacity crunch for over-road freight continues in many regions of North America, and shippers may benefit from considering alternate transportation methods during produce season.

It's essential to plan ahead for busy seasons, especially when dealing with cold-dependant products. Longer lead times and occasional delays mean it's important that shippers are prepared to secure the temperature of their product longer than in non-peak times. It is also important to have a plan to deal with increasing rates and decreased capacity when shipping products to ensure your product gets where it needs to go.

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