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WMS software’s adoption rate is hanging at about 70%, according to a 2018 WERC survey. While 30% more facilities have implemented a WMS than in 2008, almost 35% are still not using one to manage the warehouse, relying instead on manual means such as Excel and disparate modules to run individual functions.
Source: Logistics Management


Do You Need An Inventory Management System?

Despite the clear benefits of an IMS (Inventory Management System), sometimes called a WMS (Warehouse Management System), stats show that they're far from universally adopted. 

For example, according to kitsapscore, 43% of small businesses either do not track their inventory at all or use a manual process to do so. 


Key Questions:
  • Are you still using paper or an outdated system?

  • Do you frequently run out of inventory, or find you’re losing money due to ordering excess stock?

  • Is it difficult for your warehouse staff to pick and pack orders in an efficient manner?

  • Is it difficult to change, modify, or correct orders?

  • Is it challenging to keep track of expired or shorted products?

  • Do your customers frequently complain about incorrect orders, product mix-ups, or similar issues?

  • Does your team struggle to use your existing solution to its fullest potential due to a lack of training resources, customer support, or time? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it might be time to consider getting or upgrading your IMS or WMS.

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Understand Your Company's Needs

It's essential to understand what you're hoping to get out of your IMS or WMS, whether you're still operating without inventory/warehouse management software or looking to switch providers.


Basic Features 

Basic features should include:

  • track key product details such as cost, expiry, lot and product type

  • track & report on product receiving

  • enable your team to receive, pick, and pack efficiently

  • monitor stock levels as well as expired/claimed products

  • report on inventory shrink from loss, damage and expiry

  • manage multiple warehouses

Consider Features To Help You Achieve Supply Chain Visibility and Synchronization

However, there are many more features that are essential to optimizing your warehouse. These can include:

  • robust tools for reporting and a detailed transaction log

  • demand forecasting

  • strategic shorting

  • automated purchase order generation

  • accounting integrations

  • the ability to seamlessly integrating with your other supply chain solutions

We understand that organizations from manufacturing to retail can gain efficiency through supply chain visibility and synchronization. This is why we designed our cloud-based solutions to seamlessly integrate with all other Routeique™ products, from the Order Portal to the Delivery Management System, as well as QuickBooks accounting


Determine If It Will Be Easy For Warehouse and Admin Teams To Adopt

It can be helpful not only to consider software solutions' key features but other factors that can impact a teams' ability to use it to its full potential. 

For example, an IMS that:

  • fits your budget

  • requires minimum hardware investment

  • is easy for both warehouse and administrative teams to use

  • can be integrated with other systems

  • has the ability to scale with your business 

  • can be customized to your needs

  • comes with robust customer support and learning resources

will be much easier for a team to adopt and use consistently.

At Routeique™, we know all of these things are essential. We've made our software as easy to use as possible: our Inventory Management System app can be downloaded to any Android or iOs device, whether it is a warehouse staff's cell phones or tablets specifically for your business. 

Similarly, order desk teams can easily access the Routeique™ inventory management solutions through their desktop computer's browser. 

Our team has been able to create custom solutions for clients in the past, and we regularly update our support database.


Putting It All Together

If you're looking for an inventory management solution, get in touch with our team to learn more about how Routeique can help your business. 

For more info and weekly supply chain roundups, visit us on LinkedInFacebook, or IG.

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