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Delivering on Customer Demands

Delivery can make or break online retailers, and it's important that retailers find the best distribution partners for their company. Customer demands continue to shape the options that retailers need to offer, and thus shape the delivery options that distributors offer to retailers. But knowing what your customers want can be tricky. So what should retailers consider when thinking about delivery options? Keep reading to find out! 

What do customers want?

In our increasingly digitized world, customers are shopping for more and more of their favourite products online and online retailers are competing for business. Major players in the online retail market, like Amazon, compete by offering better delivery options than their competitors, driving customer expectations for other online shopping experiences. The 2017 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper report has stated that speed is an important consideration for over 60% of online shoppers, and more than 50% say that it is important that they can view items which are available for same day delivery. Slow delivery is a common reason people avoid shopping online because they need the product immediately or they worry about delays in the shipping process. 

What delivery options should be offered?

Often, retailers offer customers a free (but slower) option for delivery along with a faster form of expedited shipping (that comes at a higher fee). If the option of same-day delivery exists for a retailer, it may prove beneficial to offer this delivery option as well. Retailers which also have physical stores may also offer in-store pick up for customers with immediate needs for products. 

What else makes a good delivery? 

Offering tracked delivery is another benefit that customers look for, especially when purchasing large or expensive items which they want to be home to receive. Email or text updates often go hand-in-hand with tracking, and many customers appreciate the ability to know where the package is and when it will arrive without having to track it themselves. Another important factor in good delivery is communication, especially when a problem occurs. Though this may occur due to couriers, the ultimate responsibility will be placed on retailers by the customers. For this reason, it is important that retailers maintain active communication with their customers, and offer lines of communication to which customers may reach-out. 

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