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Do You Need a Logistics Solution?

Wondering if your business could benefit from a logistics software solution? Keep reading to find out what signs may show that your business is ready for a logistics solution like Routeique. 

Sign 1: Your drivers are taking longer than expected to complete routes

When your drivers take too long to complete routes, you leave customers waiting. Sometimes drivers are late due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents on the route which may cause traffic to build up. However, when drivers are consistently missing their deadlines it may be a sign that your routes aren't as efficient as they could be. In these situations, a route optimization system like Routeique can help you to better create and manage your delivery routes so drivers are presented with the most efficient way to travel between deliveries. These systems will also provide you with a realistic time-to-completion estimate - accounting for time spent at each delivery destination - so you know how long a route should ideally take and can compare actual times to this estimate for performance reviews and training. 

Sign 2: Orders are missed, and thus you are often short on product 

When orders are forgotten or done incorrectly, you don't receive the products you need and this causes delays for your customers. Using an order management portal, like the one offered by Routeique, allows you to create standing orders based on the items you need most often so that you always receive these items when you need them. These systems often allow you to place orders digitally, from any internet-connected device, which allows you the flexibility to place orders on the go or from the office. When you always have the products you need, you ensure that you can meet customers' orders in a timely and efficient manner and create a greater customer loyalty.


Sign 3: Your paper order sheets have too many mistakes 

When your team is completing orders manually, especially if using paper order forms, fixing mistakes can be a lengthy and costly task. An order management system like Routeique allows your team, as well as your customers, to place orders digitally. These systems help to reduce mistakes and makes it faster and easier to fix mistakes which do occasionally occur. These systems also list product details such as weight, size, quantity, SKU and other necessary information to ensure that your customers can make the best choice for their orders. Order management systems can help to ensure that your team spends less time on orders, and can reallocate their time to other essential tasks. 

Sign 4: Your warehouse personnel have trouble finding product

A well-organized warehouse can improve the speed and ease of order picking dramatically, but finding the optimal warehouse organization can be a difficult task to do manually. A warehouse management system (WMS) can provide you with essential data which helps to make your warehouse more organized. For example, many warehouses put their most purchased products on easily accessible shelves close to the order packing station, making them easiest for warehouse personnel to access quickly. WMS providers like Routeique can also make it easier to track deliveries to the warehouse and help to track inventory, which makes orders easy to pick and pack when the time comes. 

Sign 5: You are a company within a supply chain hoping to grow your business

Your team is running well, there are no major problems, but your business isn't growing. If this sounds familiar, chances are that you could benefit from a logistics solution to help to improve the operations of your organization. Logistics software like Routeique works with you to help your company reach your goals and to improve the functionality within your team. While any supply chain business can benefit from a logistics solution, the benefits of a logistics solution vary by software, by the company using the software, and by the support available for the software. That's why it is important to do your research and find the perfect fit for you. To see if Routeique is the best fit for you, request a demo through our website and a member of our team will walk you through our platform.

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