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E-Commerce in 2019: Trends to Expect

Mobile-Friendly Experiences

It's no surprise that people use their phones for everything. More and more, people are beginning to use their phones to do their shopping, so a mobile-friendly retail experience is essential. Google search even rewards companies with mobile-friendly sites by placing them higher on lists, and a recent update to the Google algorithm means that companies who want to stay on top of searches must have a mobile-friendly site.


Automation refers to technology that is created for the purpose of ensuring efficiency and cutting the number of processes. It has a lot to offer the world of e-commerce. Online stores are generally poorly-staffed, and automation can help to ensure that customers get a better shopping experience. Technology such as chatbots can fall under this category.

Payment and Delivery Options

As customer demands continue to increase, the e-commerce industry has had to become creative when it comes to providing options for customers. A major area of innovation has been in delivery options. It is becoming easier for companies to send their products across the world, very quickly, and next- or even same-day delivery is becoming commonplace. Drones and parcel lockers are beginning to hit the scene, and will likely play a larger role in 2019. E-commerce retailers are also beginning to provide a variety of payment options beyond credit cards and PayPal. Options such as cryptocurrency, instant layby, and digital wallets are slowly being adopted and will likely continue to grow in 2019.

Easing Check-Out

Cart abandonment has been a significant problem for e-commerce retailers, and it's becoming essential for these retailers to find creative solutions to the problem. Since many customers abandon carts due to the process involved in checking out, many retailers are beginning to focus on the importance of an easy check-out process. This trend is expected to continue to be a central focus of 2019.

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