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Eugenia Spotlight

Meet Eugenia!

Eugenia joined Routeique at the end of May this year as an intern. Her tasks include, but are not limited to, resolving bugs in the code base, adding new features to our current API, and formatting user interface for better user interactions. Her favourite part of the job is re-evaluating how users interact with our API and making adjustments to increase usability. "Software should be designed to be intuitive and easy to use. I want to make beautiful and efficient software that can increase our user base!"

Eugenia loves how the environment at Routeique is laid back and friendly. "Everyone here is inclusive and positive and this allows me to learn and practice code in a safe local environment. I really like how Routeique encourages open communication and learning." When Eugenia is not in the office, she enjoys playing video games, going on bike rides, snowboarding, and eating delicious food. Her favourite food is pasta. "I LOVE ALL THE PASTA!!!"

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