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European Clothing Logistics

Europe is big on fashion, with most of the world's most famous designers calling the continent home. European countries export huge amounts of clothing to the rest of the world, but European consumers also buy significant quantities of clothing as well. Since Routeique is in Italy - one of the world's leaders in fashion - let's examine the logistics of the European clothing market. The European clothing market was valued at more than 325.7 billion euros in 2018, demonstrating the industry's massive size. Over a million people in Europe are employed directly in clothing manufacturing, with many more employed in various other sectors of the market such as retail, transport, and more. Exporting is a large portion of the revenue in the European clothing market, with the EU exporting around 117.2 billion euros worth of clothing in 2016. Not all revenue is earned from exporting clothing however, retail of clothing in Europe generated 217.3 billion euros in 2015. Countries in Europe vary in both their production and consumption of clothing items. The United Kingdom spends the most on clothing out of all European countries. In the last quarter of 2017, UK consumers spent nearly 15 billion pounds sterling on clothing. Italy is Europe's largest clothing exporter, with about $23 billion worth of clothing exported from Italy in 2017. Over 167000 people in Italy alone are employed in clothing manufacturing, over 16% of the total manufacturing employees in all of Europe. E-commerce clothing purchases are popular among EU consumers and are a common way for non-EU consumers to purchase European clothing. In Italy alone, e-commerce of clothing is expected to generate a revenue of $3 billion in 2021. Europe as a whole is expected to earn $89 billion in e-commerce revenue in 2023.

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