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Field Services - Logistical Problems and Solutions

Field service providers include any service which is provided to customers on site, rather than customers coming to a standardized location. This includes things like appliance repair, yard work, window cleaning, and many other services which customers require. Often, providers of these services face similar logistical challenges to distribution companies, with a few unique challenges, and therefore may require a logistics solution to increase their efficiency and ultimately increase revenue. 

Finding the Optimal Route

As a field service provider, your route may change significantly day to day, or remain relatively stable. In either case, an optimized route can help to ensure that no time is wasted travelling between destinations and that you arrive at your stops as efficiently as possible. Finding the optimal route manually is incredibly difficult, and often does not consider many of the factors that can influence route time and distance. A route optimization software solution, like Routeique, can provide you with this solution easily and ensure that every route is the optimal one. 

Fleet Tracking 

Field service often requires a fleet of at least a few vehicles to be on the road at any given time, and larger companies may have many more. For fleet owners, monitoring vehicles while they are on the road can help monitor vehicle performance, driver reliability, and maintain the best customer service possible. Using a service like Routeique allows you to monitor your drivers through GPS of the mobile devices that drivers utilize, ensuring that you always know where your fleet is at any given time and can give customers updates on arrival times in the event of a delay. Routeique is also working to develop a Vehicle Intelligence Hub, which we loving call a "Vehicle Brain", which will be able to monitor the state of the vehicle, the way it is being driven, and alert you to any potential or imminent problems which may arise. The Vehicle Brain does all of this by utilizing machine learning, and the Internet of Things, to make it as easy as possible for you to understand your fleet. 

Customer Service 

Field service providers, like distributors, are expected by a customer to arrive at a certain time. While route optimization can help to improve your timing, delays can still occur. When they do, it's important that customers are kept in the loop. Routeique's logistics solution provides a messaging system which field service providers may use to notify customers of a delay or change to their service appointment. This helps customers to feel considered and valued, increasing customer service. 

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