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Foosball Fridays at Routeique

At Routeique, our team knows that working hard means playing hard. At the end of a long work week, our team joins together for a foosball tournament in our office space. On a Friday night, you will often find many Routeique staff hanging around the office preparing for a foosball tournament, or cheering on their coworkers. We love to make it a weekly occurrence to celebrate all our hard work over the last week. 

The story of our foosball table speaks to the amazing team we have here at Routeique. We knew we wanted a foosball table, but as a start-up, we couldn't spare the funds to purchase one. The office foosball table was purchased through a collection taken up by the team, who each chipped in a little bit of money to be able to afford one. Now, our foosball table acts as a fun place for our team to socialize during lunch breaks or after work. Friday foosball tournaments help our team to bond with each other and bring us closer together as a team. 

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