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One of the biggest changes that the supply chain space as a whole encountered this past year is the unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19. At Routeique, we realized our clients needed not only to be able to work remotely, but to have access to an option that would take all in-person contact out of yard management, in order to keep their team members safe while staying efficient.

Go Completely Contact-Free

Did you know that in a warehouse yard, paper and key documents typically change hands six times on average? Inside Logistics outlines that the relevant forms and documents might be passed from when the driver, to the gate guard, receiving office, receiving staff in the warehouse, and back to the driver. 

These types of processes, already on their way out due to technology, have become even less efficient. Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19 worldwide, social distancing and going contact-free have been increasingly important. While it might be possible to carry out the above scenario while following social distancing and other safety measures such as masks, there’s no arguing with the fact that it is inefficient and may even continue to have some risks.

Additionally, while “sign on glass” measures have typically been an excellent way to go paper-free, in these circumstances, they have many of the same issues as paper: carrying them around to different decision-makers can make social distancing extremely difficult.

This is where a contact-free yard management system comes in. 

We made sure that our solution included:

  • Contactless check-in to the warehouse yard, which keeps interactions between drivers and gate guards completely contact-free. Even drivers' licenses can be attached digitally if identity verification was needed.

  • The ability to send and sign documents digitally means that no in-person contact is needed.

  • The ability for all parties to communicate in real-time in one convenient, synchronized manner was especially important to us. With everyone communicating directly in-app, there is none of the confusion that can come when team members aren’t sure whether to use email, text, phone, or other messenger platforms. Plus, all communications are conveniently aggregated in one place if you or your team need to refer back to them!


Add Efficiency

Not only does a yard management system protect your team, but it adds efficiency to your operation.

According to Supply Chain 24/7, 80% of transportation delays happen when trailers and containers at distribution centers and manufacturing plants, costing organizations millions of dollars in inefficient operations and excessive accessory charges and transportation contracts.

We’ve added several features to our yard management solution to offer a fast, easy-to-use workflow, documentation features, and more:

  • Drivers and admin teams can log in on their mobile device or computer. On mobile, after the driver’s first login, drivers can log in with a unique code, which they can receive via SMS.

  • With check-in history and digital documents, drivers and administrative staff can view past check-ins and documents through the YMS.

  • Users can record seal and temperature data directly in the YMS, along with photo documentation.

  • Convenient location tracking and maps eliminate confusion about dock locations or directions. Drivers can easily see dock locations, while admin teams can view driver locations.


We’re Here To Help You Make Yard Management Safer and More Efficient

Looking for solutions to make your yard management process safer? Our team is here to help. Get in touch through the contact form below, and our team will be in touch to find a solution that fits your company’s needs, size, and budget.

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