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Hyperlocal Supply Chains

In a world that is increasingly globalized, it might surprise you to know that a growing trend in logistics today is the hyperlocal supply chain. Here the goods and services are sourced, designed, created, and produced locally, close to both th buyer and seller. They are often small, focused on a few high-demand products, and provide a unique experience for their customers.

What does this unique experience entail? It consists of two important factors; speed and trust. These hyperlocal supply chains can deliver faster than large online retailers, even within a few hours. Additionally, they can deliver to your exact location at the time of delivery (like to your office if you're still at work) instead of only to your street address. These supply chains also have incredibly high visibility, allowing customers to have a higher degree of trust in the supply chain. Customers can really know where a product is coming from, and maybe even who is making the product.

As people become increasingly invested in their local communities, it's likely that these hyperlocal supply chains will continue to grow in number and popularity. 

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