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If You Have Vendors, You Need a B2B Portal

A B2B (or business-to-business) portal operates as an e-commerce platform between two companies, allowing one company to purchase products from one or several others, known as vendors. Many companies deal with multiple vendors, which supply products to numerous warehouses or retail locations, which can create difficult and time-consuming paperwork. Instead, a B2B portal, like Routeique, consolidates the communication between you and your vendor, even when multiple locations are placing orders. Orders from multiple locations are streamlined, and bills can even be compiled into one to streamline the payment process.

A B2B portal can be used with each of your vendors, which allows you to easily view up-to-date information (including delivery conditions, offers, and discounts) from all vendors at once. Using this portal makes it easy to manage the quality of your products and the reliability of your vendors, including a rating system which notifies other members of your company of your vendors quality.

Using a B2B solution makes it easier to work with smaller, local companies instead of larger vendors, which increase the variety of products available to you. These portals help to enable continuous communication between you and your vendors, resulting in smarter inventory management. Smarter inventory management means saving money, minimizing storage time, and reducing costs.

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