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IKEA's Electric Home Delivery

IKEA continues to focus on sustainability and green initiatives. Their most recent goal is to have 100% of home deliveries completed by zero-emission or electric vehicles by 2025, as part of their wider goal to become climate positive by 2030. In the short term, IKEA plans to roll out electric-only delivery vehicles in five major cities - Shanghai, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles - by 2020. The hope is to set a strong example for other companies to follow within major cities, and throughout the world.

As part of their continuing efforts to become climate positive, IKEA will be conducting a major shift which will include footprints of materials, food ingredients, transport, and the production at suppliers which will translate to a significantly reduced carbon footprint per IKEA product. The company will also be aiming to support direct suppliers to reduce their total footprint, which enables them to address a larger footprint than simply IKEA products alone.

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