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Importers in Logistics and Supply Chain

The world is increasingly connected, and supply chains are crossing borders more and more. Importers play a vital role in international supply chains, moving product from one country to another. Within a supply chain, importers share many of the needs that distributors or manufacturers have, but also present their own challenges. For this reason, it is essential that importers utilize a logistics solution which understands and caters to their unique position in their supply chains.

Warehouses and Importers

A common challenge for importers is storing their products on either side of the borders they cross. Once a product is purchased from a manufacturer, it often cannot immediately be sent to a distributor and needs to be stored in a warehouse either in the country of origin or in the country of purchase. Importers, therefore, need a solution to manage one, or several, warehouses in which to effectively store product until it is ready to be imported into the country of purchase, or sold directly to a distributor.

Size Matters

When importing products, the size of the product is especially important. The size must be considered for the transportation from the manufacturer to the importer, for transport across the border or borders to the distributors, and for transport from the distributor to the retailer or final customer. Since the size restrictions for international transportation can be tighter than that for within country, importers need a logistics solution that helps to keep track of product dimensions.

Dealing in Different Currencies

Importers are generally dealing with moving product from one country to another, which means dealing in different currencies and different tax laws. A logistics solution which suits importers will need the ability to manage these different currencies and tax rules and to help the importer ease the transition between the two.

Routeique currently provides many of the essential logistics solutions that importers need. Our team is also continuing to improve our software by adding additional functionality like more currencies and tax rules for various countries. As supply chains become increasingly international, routeique hopes to remain at the cutting-edge of logistics technology to help importers improve their logistics.

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