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International Women's Day - Women in Supply Chain

Happy International Women's Day!

It was not long ago that supply chain and logistics was seen as almost exclusively a boys club. Today, the image persists but companies across the world are striving to change that. In fact, about 60% of companies today have specific initiatives targetted at recruiting, developing, and retaining highly skilled female employees in a variety of supply chain positions. And these initiatives are beginning to work. Today about 40% of supply chain graduates are females. Women make up about 37% of supply chain employees in the USA and about 20% of the senior managers and directors. We're still far from a balanced workplace, but we've come a long way from what it used to be.

An important aspect of promoting supply chain careers to women is shifting the industry's image. While most people associate supply chain careers with manual labor tasks, the field includes a number of diverse careers with varying levels of skills, education, and specialization required. Women seeking a career in supply chains also have a lot of potential for upward mobility within or between departments, with the opportunity to develop and utilize new skills in many different ways. A career in supply chain and logistics can be incredibly rewarding, and it's important that women receive ample opportunity to choose careers in these sectors.

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