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Internships at Routeique

Routeique has always been a company that prides itself on providing students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their professional identities in a fun and challenging environment. Frequently partnering with post-secondary institutions such as SAIT, we look for talent in the IT and Business sectors. Throughout Routeique’s lifetime, we have gained many of our incredible team members from previous internships. Eugenia, a current intern in our development department says she appreciates that, “Routeique has a very positive and supportive work culture and as an Intern, I am given the freedom to explore different code repositories and work on different projects in a safe local environment.” Versatility is important to us and our team. Activities like our weekly “Lunch and Learns” have given us the ability to share different skill sets between team members allowing them to be knowledgeable across all departments so there is always someone to help on any task. “This allows me to learn and develop different skills while building strong networks and relationships.” Eugenia went on to say. We owe some of our valued team members to internships and look forward to hosting more potential team members in the future.

There are benefits to internships for both the intern and the company! Hiring an intern can create a new environment for the whole team, leading to new solutions for outstanding problems. You will discover new talent in this 'trial period' and you'll also gain an advocate to spread the good word about your company! The intern will also get a lot out of their time at Routeique, such as the real-world experience they wouldn't get at school, and an understanding of the environment helps them discover if they would be a good fit. It will also help them get their professional footing, making them more attractive to future hiring agents.

Visit the Careers page for more on our available positions!

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