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July Feature Highlight: Route Optimization

What is Route Optimization? 

Route optimization algorithms like ours create the optimal route for delivery or service vehicles which make multiple stops throughout their day. While it's often believed that the optimal route is simply the shortest or fastest route, a good optimization technology needs to consider a variety of other factors to enhance the efficiency of the route. Routeique's route optimization feature considers the size and shape of the vehicle, the arrangement of the roads and buildings within the delivery area, as well as the traffic and weather conditions on the roads. Using all this information, our algorithm is able to identify the route that takes the least amount of time, uses the least fuel, and allows for the maximum amount of deliveries to be completed within a day. By establishing optimal routes companies are able to reduce costs, increase revenue, and reduce their carbon footprint. 


Who Needs Route Optimization Software?

Any business which operates a fleet of vehicles can benefit from a route optimization software. Most commonly, these systems are utilized by distribution or delivery companies, as well as field service companies. By providing drivers with the most efficient route, these systems can help to improve customer service and reduce waiting times on deliveries or arrivals of drivers. These systems also help to improve driver moral as routes are easier to learn, and the algorithms can reduce the frustrations of becoming stuck in traffic or on a poor route to the customer. Optimal routes also reduce costs in fuel and vehicle maintenance, while increasing revenue by making deliveries more efficient. 


What's Unique About Routeique?

Routeique is continuously working to improve on our route optimization feature to ensure that we are always providing our customers with the best and most cutting-edge technology. Our team is currently tackling new ways to work on the Traveling Salesman problem, which would allow us to create more optimized and efficient routes. A great route optimization technology can dramatically improve the efficiency of a distribution or mobile service provider. To learn more about our route optimization feature, check out the Route Optimization page on our website. 

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