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Kelsey Teaches Code with Canada Learns Code

Canada Learning Code is a federally registered charity that evolved from Ladies Learning Code – a women-founded organization established in 2011. The past 8 years have been quite remarkable for CLC: over 106,950 learners have attended over 2,800 educational events ran by over 11,000 volunteers - 68.2% of which identify as female. This means over 550,000 hours spent coding! Coding may seem complicated, but CLC’s goal is simple: ensuring that all Canadians, specifically those who are minorities in the tech sector, have access to the knowledge they need to navigate our ever-evolving digital world.

Kelsey works for the cause, not for the applause – but we want to celebrate her, anyways! Kelsey first started volunteering as a mentor with Canada Learning Code in 2017 and is now the Girls & Kids Learning Code Chapter Lead for Calgary. Her favourite part about working with CLC is the "a-ha" moments she gets to be a part of when someone understands something new for the first time. Since code isn’t in the Alberta school curriculum, she is passionate about kids having the opportunity to be exposed to it. Kelsey enjoys video games, building things, and listening to audiobooks. When she needs a technology < br>, you can find her knitting, painting, or baking bread.

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