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Lunch & Inventory

Testing is one of the most important steps to take before a major release. We've been working for months on the new Inventory Management System (IMS) App, which will allow our clients to manage their inventory from purchase orders to picking orders. After initial IMS testing, we decided to do something a little of out of the box for exploratory testing by converting the Routeique office into a warehouse! We started by setting up our warehouse and zones by labelling frozen, chilled and ambient zones and bins in our kitchen. Once our warehouse was setup, we invited our entire team to order their lunch through the customer Order Portal, choosing from some pretty unusual sandwich ingredients including gummy worms and chips.

Everyone on our team made up a fun customer name, such as Kiara's Koffee Krumpet Kommon Room and placed orders for not-so-ordinary sandwiches in our order portal. Based on orders for lunch, our team created purchase orders and went out to each of our vendors around Calgary to source the inputs, including cupcakes, fresh bread and luncheon meat. Other team members took on roles in the warehouse, including receiving purchase orders, restocking inventory, staging product, and picking orders. We also had team members act as our drivers, picking up the orders from the shipping area of our warehouse and delivering them to our customers. Proof of delivery was very important! In this case, the stores were our desks, which had labels of our store names on them. Each customer verified their order upon delivery to confirm accuracy against our order and our kitchen inventory was verified after all deliveries were made.

This lunch and learn provided our entire team with an opportunity to try our new IMS and do some very important exploratory testing. As a result of the testing, several defects were identified and addressed and we've since used the new inventory system to source & deliver (some very important) drink and snack orders. We're looking forward to the upcoming release of the IMS!

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