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Meeting Holiday Demand with Supply Chain

Most people know about the impact which the end-of-year holiday season has on various supply chains, however, the smaller holiday seasons throughout the year also have significant impacts on relevant supply chains. These smaller and shorter holiday periods present unique logistical challenges due to narrow time constraints. Consider easter candy, which has been gracing our store shelves for the past month or so in preparation for the holiday this weekend. The candies and chocolate prepared for this holiday are themed, usually rabbits and eggs, making them most suitable for this holiday in particular. For this reason, companies don't want to have leftover stock once the weekend ends. However, they also do not want to run out of stock early, losing out on potentially important sales.

Preparing for holidays such as Easter, Halloween, or Valentine's Day, requires immense demand planning to ensure that the right amount of stock makes it to store shelves, not too much or too little. This requires a coordinated effort by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. It also requires a successful marketing campaign to ensure customers purchase the items available for them. Shipping or manufacturing delays (and any other operational challenges) can have significant negative impacts on holiday-specific product sales due to the tight time constraints. People do not want Halloween candy in November, for example, so you have a limited time to get the candy to the customers. Beginning production and shipping too early to mitigate these potential delays can also have negative consequences due to the challenges associated with storage costs and space. Overall, the production and delivery of these holiday-specific products require a delicate balance to get it just right.

Until companies are able to perfect this demand planning, us consumers can all benefit from day-after chocolate sales.

Routeique can help companies to overcome these and a variety of other supply chain and logistical challenges. Check out our solutions pages to see how we can help manufacturers, distributors, importers, retailers, consumers, and field service providers.

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