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New this month on Routeique™

July is an exciting month for new features on the Routeique™ platform.

Release_2.2.0 from Mike Allan on Vimeo.

Inventory Management

We've released the new Inventory Management System (IMS) app as well as several major enhancements to inventory management features on the admin console. This means you can now manage your inventory workflow, from placing a purchase order to delivering to your customer using our mobile app and admin console. Use the admin console to place and submit purchase orders to your vendor with a click of a button and use the admin console or the new IMS mobile app to ensure you've received everything you've ordered. It's simple to manage your inventory using the restock, stage and pick tools. The new inventory management system integrates directly with the Delivery Management System (DMS) app to allow you to trace each product from the moment it arrives at your warehouse until your drivers deliver it to your customers. Download the new IMS from the App Store and visit our Support Portal for complete user guides on the new system.

We're looking forward to our next release for inventory management, including enhancements for managing inventory by weight, updated claims management workflows and warehouse transfer support.

Customer Management

Our enhanced customer management interface makes it even easier to create and edit existing customers. The simplified customer profile makes it quick to enter your customer’s details and make updates to existing details. Use this interface to add your customers to new routes or change their contact details. Learn more about how the new customer management interface works.

We’re looking forward to our next release which will include a new recurring orders feature. This will allow you to schedule recurring standing orders for your customers. Stay posted for our next release update!

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