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Partners For Life in 2019

Last year, Routeique was thrilled to join the Partners for Life program of Canadian Blood Services to help contribute to the biological lifeline of Canada by donating blood as a team. Today, two members of our team celebrated our achievements with hundreds of other Partner for Life organizations in the Calgary Area. We had an amazing time learning more about the importance of blood, plasma, stem cell, and organ and tissue donations, as well as the amazing impact that organizations like us can have. We're proud to be a small part of the amazing work being done by Canadian Blood Services in our community and across the country. Altogether, the Partners for Life organizations in Calgary donated over 20,000 units of blood in 2018, which is over 30% of the total blood donated in the area. Routeique is excited to continue our work with Canadian Blood Services in 2019, and we hope to beat last year's donation numbers.

Did you know?
It can take up to 8 donors per week to help someone battling leukemia? Or that up to 5 donors can be needed to help someone during a heart transplant? It can take as many as 50 donors to save a car crash victim! Nearly half of Canada's adults are eligible to donate blood, but last year only 1 in 60 actually did. There are currently no substitutes for blood products, and the demand for these life-saving resources is always high. Together, we can help save lives. Consider donating blood, plasma, stem cells, organs, or tissues, or become a financial supporter of Canadian Blood Services.

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