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Routeique Blood Drive - December 2019

The Routeique team participated in our fifth group donation, and our final one of 2019. We’re pleased to have met our company-wide target number of donations for 2019 and hope to increase that goal for 2020. This was our largest group donation yet, and we had two first time donors! In addition to team-bonding, we love having the opportunity to help those needing blood during the holiday season. A special thank you to those at Canadian Blood Services for arranging our transportation, calming our nerves, and being so friendly. We can’t wait kick off our 2020 donation in March.

Did you know?
39% of Canadian’s have O+ blood, making it the most common blood type in the country. This type of blood can be donated to any patient with a positive blood type. O- blood, however, is the least common blood type in Canada – only 7% of Canadians share this blood type. Since O- red blood cells are compatible with every blood type, having this type of blood on hand in emergencies can make a life-or-death difference for patients when there isn’t enough time to confirm their blood type. All types of blood are important - please consider donating to the Canadian Blood Services.

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