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Routeique in Italy

Greetings from Italy! We’ve arrived in Venice and we’re excited to start exploring. We’ll be kicking off our European trip on the North of Italy before heading south for more Italian adventure. In between our business we’ll be taking some time to soak in the beauty of this incredible city. The fresh spring weather is perfect for a mix of work and play.

Venice is a very unique city due to it’s canals instead of roadways. Transport of people and goods here occurs predominantly via boat. It takes a lot of effort to coordinate the logistics of so many vessels moving through the canals to ensure the many businesses and homes of the city are properly serviced. Even the emergency services like ambulances and fire fighting move through the city on boats. Because the canals in Venice are small, boat size is limited. This means it’s essential that goods are transported efficiently, using as much space as possible without exceeding the weight for the boat. The uniqueness of the city presents a variety of unique logistical challenges not seen in moats other cities.

We’re excited to take our time exploring Venice and the rest of Italy. In a few days we’ll be making our way down South towards Florence and Rome. Keep up with our trip on our social media pages, or right here on our blog. Ciao!

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