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Routeique is Heading to Barcelona

The Routeique team is thrilled to announce that we'll be attending the Smart City Expo World Congress this year in Barcelona. November 19th, 20th, and 21st we'll be exhibiting alongside fellow Canadian technology companies that are passionate about IoT. We're looking forward to connecting with likeminded individuals and teams from around the world that are just as eager as we are to learn and spark change. We can't wait to be a part of an event that places such a high value on inclusivity, accessibility, and limiting waste.

Lets connect! Want more information about our role at the expo or meeting outside of the expo? Email us at

What is a Smart City?
Smart city technology focuses on connecting data from various aspects of the city to make better and more efficient decisions to improve the lives of the city's residents. These technologies can take a variety of forms, including things like smart water and waste management, smart road and traffic control, smart electricity production and distribution, and other important areas of improvement for cities. The specific nature of smart technology adopted by a city will depend on the demographics and needs of the city. Implementing various aspects of smart cities can be slow due to having so many moving parts, so you may often see these technologies being first rolled out at universities - they function as small cities, and much of the emerging technology is developed at the universities themselves! The journey towards a smart city should be approached with no definitive end in mind; rather, the focus should be on the continuous improvement of existing smart technology to simplify and improve the quality of life of city residents. In a world that's pushing forward with IoT and smart technology, don't get left behind.

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