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Routeique Spotlight: Dana Allan

Meet Dana!

Dana joined the Routeique team in the spring, working as a content creation specialist. Her role includes writing content for the website, press releases, blog posts, and other published content. Recently, she has also taken on the additional role of head of HR, helping to ensure the team is well managed and taken care of. Working for a small company has allowed her to wear many hats, and take on a variety of roles, "I like to give everything a try if I can." Dana's favorite thing about working at Routeique is the focus on learning and development. She loves the opportunity to take on different tasks and learn through the support of her team-mates.

Dana's favorite task to do at work is supporting teams during the interview process. "I love contributing to the growth of the team, and it gives me the chance to learn a lot about the different project teams throughout Routeique." She also loves utilizing her organizational skills to help with scheduling and documenting information to keep the company running smoothly.

When she's not at work, Dana is usually spending time with her friends. She enjoys doing escape rooms, getting coffee, shopping, and cooking. She also spends some time each week volunteering with a unit of Girl Guides.

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