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Routeique Spotlight: Eric Moon

Meet Eric!

Eric's official title is the Vice President of Operations at Routeique, but his role involves diverse tasks in nearly every team within our office. His role is to deliver the mission of the company, ensuring that the vision of the company is consistently met by all the project teams within Routeique. He helps to break large-scale goals into actionable tasks and "put the rubber to the road" when projects begin. Eric is an absolutely vital member of the Routeique team, ensuring that the entire team is working in the same direction, towards the company's goals.

Eric has been with Routeique since almost the very beginning. His favourite thing about working with Routeique is the atmosphere of the team, such as the freedom to do things our own way. He also loves that the atmosphere encourages consistent improvement, and striving to do our best. Above all, Eric loves working at Routeique because he "believes in the same thing that Mike does, that work should be fun." In his role at Routeique, Eric's favourite task is talking and collaborating with teams, talking with various team members to get a task or project underway.

When Eric isn't in the office, he loves to disconnect from his technology to spend time with his family. He considers himself a bit of a serial hobbyist, trying out anything that catches his interest. He enjoys studying philosophy and the future of technology, cooking, and cars, as well as tending to his orchids.

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