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Routeique Spotlight: Ethan Allan

Meet Ethan!

Ethan began working with Routeique in the summer of this year, and he has taken on the task of managing our online marketing. He works with our social media posts, our pay-per-click advertisements, and our Google Analytics to help us create and manage our online presence. His favourite task at work is to create the advertisements and to monitor their performance. "It's entertaining and rewarding to see how the ads contribute to the growth of the company."

Ethan's favourite thing about working at Routeique is the overall attitude of the team. "We're all part of a team working towards a goal we all believe in." Ethan loves the collaborative aspect of working at Routeique, and how everyone works together to best benefit the company. When he isn't at work, Ethan loves to play video games, "especially Red Dead Redemption 2," and watch horror films. He also enjoys learning new things about the world, whatever topic interests him at the time. "Right now I'm learning about the birds of the world."

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