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Routeique Spotlight: Joshua McNabb

Meet Josh!

Josh began his time with Routeique through a practicum as a development intern. Now a full-time employee, Josh continues to work on development, helping to improve the database system as well as working on our new one-click-onboarding feature. Josh's favorite task at work is to improve existing features as well as creating new ones. "It has helped me to learn the platform faster, and helps me to understand how clients interact with the platform."

Josh's favorite thing about working at Routeique is the freedom. "It's great because even as an intern I got to choose how to allocate my time, there was no micro-managing, so we really got to learn without fear of failure." He also loves how friendly and supportive the team is, and how everyone works hard towards shared goals. When he's not at work, Josh enjoys hanging out with friends, watching new movies, and working on side projects, like building a gaming PC.

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