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Routeique Spotlight: Kaitlin Mercier

Meet Kaitlin!

Kaitlin heads up our Services Team, which is responsible for connecting customers, partners, and internal Routeique teams to ensure that we deliver consistent value to our customers. Kaitlin and her team help to perform business analysis and work with product teams to incorporate customer feedback into future planning. They also support project teams by helping to ensure the teams follow their agreed process and practices.

Kaitlin joined the Routeique team in August and has been enjoying the Routeique experience ever since. Kaitlin's favourite part of working at Routeique? "I love our unique culture at Routeique. We encourage independent decision-making and we give each other candid feedback. There is so much opportunity for every member of our team to make an impact." Kaitlin's responsibilities are wide and varied throughout the team, but her favourite task is quality assurance or QA. In QA, we "get to see new features coming out of development after taking them from 'idea' to 'ready for development'." It's often the first time as a team when we get to see the full cycle of our process.

When Kaitlin isn't at work, she loves to get outside and be active, especially if her dog can come along. Her favourite activities include hiking, mountain biking, paddleboarding, and snowshoeing. She also loves baking bread and enjoying a slice of a warm fresh loaf.

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