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Routeique Spotlight: Kelsey Shorten

Meet Kelsey!

Kelsey joined the Routeique team at the beginning of this year as a member of our development team. Since then, she has demonstrated her strong leadership and development skills, and has taken on the role of R and D Lead. In this role, Kelsey focuses her time on improving our route optimization feature and other future-facing projects. "I help make sure we're ready for the future," says Kelsey. Her favourite task at work is coding and troubleshooting. "It's a confidence booster to find and fix a problem." Kelsey also loves to help out other members of the team, so she always says yes when shes asked to contribute advice and support.

Kelsey really enjoys working for Routeique. "I like wearing lots of hats, trying out different things and exploring new roles!" She loves the opportunity for autonomy, the ability to be accountable to yourself and your team, and the supportive environment that's focused on growth. When Kelsey isn't at work, she likes any hobby where she gets to make things. She bakes bread, knits, sews, and more.

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