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Routeique Spotlight: Khanh Le

Meet Khanh!

Khanh joined Routeique this summer as a member of our software development team. In his role, he focuses on maintaining and developing our product to deliver value to our customers. He enjoys his role as a developer because it gives him the chance to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the company as a whole. His favorite thing to do at work is to participate in sprint planning, as part of our agile project management system. "Sprint planning gives me the chance to learn how to best manage and organize my work," says Khanh.

Khanh really enjoys working at Routeique because of the team members. He really enjoys the friendly, open-minded, helpful attitude of the team as a whole, and he likes spending time with his teammates. He also really enjoys the environment of the Routeique office, and "the mountain view out the window is awesome."

When Khanh isn't at work he enjoys spending time researching information technologies to continue the development of his knowledge. He also likes to remember to keep a healthy work-life balance by focusing on family time, and spending time with his wife.

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