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Routeique Spotlight: Matt Morris

Meet Matt!

Matt joined the Routeique team over the summer, during the acquisition of sdmg. In addition to his ongoing role in client services with sdmg’s existing clientele, Matt is also responsible for helping to transition the sdmg team to the Routeique platform. His role is constantly evolving as the transition period continues and the teams become more and more integrated with each other. Matt wears many hats in the Routeique team, and he loves his many roles. “I really enjoy everything I do,” says Matt. “I enjoy the progress flow, and being involved in every step.”

Since starting with Routeique, Matt has enjoyed the unique company culture that our team has to offer. He enjoys the atmosphere of working for a young startup company, with like-minded co-workers who work hard but also know how to have a good time. “I really enjoy coming to work because I know it’s a place I enjoy being.” Matt has really enjoyed the opportunity to make friends with other members of the expanded Routeique team since the acquisition. “Everyone is so friendly!”

When Matt isn’t at work, he enjoys spending his time outdoors. In the winter he likes to snowboard, and in the summer he enjoys hiking in the mountains or playing soccer with his friends. He is also learning to play the acoustic guitar and enjoys the occasional Netflix binge.

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