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Routeique Spotlight: Mike Allan

Meet Mike!

Mike is one of Routeique's founders and our president. His role at Routeique is simple, "I find the best people to join our team, give them the resources they need, and get out of their way!" Mike firmly believes that a team full of great people can accomplish anything, and the team he's helped to create at Routeique is one of the best. Because the team is so self-sufficient and needs little guidance to maintain the course, Mike can spend his time meeting with clients, partners, investors, and members of the team to help create the big picture for Routeique. Mike's favorite thing to do at Routeique is to do big-picture planning. "There is no better feeling than taking a room full of people with diverse ideas and using them to build a consensus about where things should and will head."

Mike really loves working at Routeique. "It's honestly the most fun and rewarding place I've worked in my life." He loves the environment created in our new office by our wonderful team. He also loves the fact that our team works hard and plays hard together. He enjoys that the team is made up of so many makers and builders who enjoy creating as much as he does, from building our stand-up tables and arcade machine to working to create a super-intelligent, omniscient office assistant. When Mike isn't at work, he's usually traveling or playing music. But Mike is passionate about mixing work and pleasure, so you often see his hobbies like travel, music, video, and design in things that Routeique does. "As they say 'Enjoy what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life.'"

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