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Routeique Spotlight: Patryk Terelak

Meet Patryk!

Patryk has been with the Routeique team for more than two years. As a developer, Patryk is largely responsible for work on our financial integrations, but he has many other roles within the team as well. He is a talented videographer, and he uses that talent to create Routeique's video content for our website and presentations. He also helps to handle customer support requests and receive feedback on the platform. His favorite thing to do at work is to meet with project teams to plan a new project or task and see these plans reach fruition. "It's especially exciting to see a plan come together, overcoming any hurdles along the way."

Patryk's favorite thing about working at Routeique is the dynamic and flexible environment. "There's always a new opportunity, you're never bored." He loves that the team and the environment give him the opportunity to learn new things, and to challenge himself. When he's not at work, Patryk enjoys working on video editing and short films, and absorbing nutrients to keep warm in the winter.

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