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Routeique Spotlight: Rio Nicolas

Meet Rio!

Rio has been a part of the Routeique team since nearly the beginning. Rio is an excellent developer, and she lends her talents to a wide variety of projects throughout the team. Her main project is leading the development of the mobile application. Rio also works hard to mentor and coach incoming developers and is always willing to help out her fellow team members. Rio's favourite part of developing is the very first day of a new project because she enjoys starting with just a plan and finishing the day with something tangible. "It's pretty amazing to go from nothing to something."

Rio loves the culture of collaboration and learning at Routeique. "We have the freedom to learn, both individually and as a team!" Rio says the diversity among the team makes it easy to work together, allowing every member to learn and grow through support and experience. She also loves spending time with other members of the Routeique team, both at work and outside of the office.

When Rio isn't at work, she loves to spend time with her friends, usually going out to music events like concerts or festivals. She also loves to explore Calgary! "I love to explore other cities, so I decided to start doing the same at home."

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