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Routeique Spotlight: Sam Purdy

Meet Sam!

Sam is a member of our software development team, where he is involved in every step of software development from ideas to testing. He enjoys taking on a variety of tasks throughout the company, including working on our financial integrations. Sam enjoys the complex problem solving and creative solutions that go into producing software, "I love that I am constantly learning with each new task." He loves to give his all to every new task he is presented with, and creating a product that exceeds expectations.

Sam's favorite thing about working at Routeique is the team. "Everyone works really hard and strives to do their best, but they also know how to have fun. It's a really positive environment." Sam enjoys working with his talented colleagues to help make Routeique the best it can be. When he's not at work, Sam enjoys spending time with friends, playing pool or video games, and hiking in the mountains. "I also enjoy anything to do with music, like seeing concerts or jamming on the guitar or banjo."

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