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Routeique's New Tables

As a company, Routeique began when we couldn't find a solution that fit our needs and we decided to create one instead. Following along that theme, when we failed to find a stand-up table to fit our needs for the new office space, we chose to create our own! Our new tables fit our needs exactly; providing us with a space for stand-up meetings, a central meeting place for lunch, and a perfect location for sharing ideas. We're beyond excited to finally have this missing piece added to our office space. 

As a start-up, we strive to be frugal in purchasing items we need, meaning we had to find an affordable solution for our tables. When it came to creating these new tables, we relied on our multi-talented team to help. The Routeique team is incredibly diverse, with a vast array of experiences and skills both within and outside the office. Our creative and marketing director, Jim, is an experienced welder who was able to design and create our tables to be exactly what we needed. His expertise allowed us to realize our vision and create an office space that exactly meets the needs of our team. 

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