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Routeique™ is proud to announce a new partnership with adiutaByte GmbH to advance leading-edge routing tools!

We've been working with the Germany-based route optimization company to develop an enhanced real-time route and warehouse optimization system. This provides Routeique users with the advanced tools they need to make deliveries more effectively than ever. 


Combining Routing Algorithms With Asset and Order Data For Fast, Efficient Deliveries 

adiutaByte’s proprietary routing algorithms recommend the most effective route for each delivery unit by analyzing driver capabilities, product storage requirements, customer locations, and customer service requirements. 

Routeique provides adiutaByte’s platform with real-time data on asset, customer, and order management - enabling it to present the most accurate routes. 

The enhanced route optimization algorithms resulting from this partnership adds to our robust suite of route planning and optimization tools. 

The Routeique Delivery Management System (DMS) mobile application helps drivers make full use of the newly enhanced routing tools. 

The system:

  • enables fleet managers to reduce unnecessary travel distance and time 

  • increases ROI by improving efficiency

  • reduces vehicle wear and tear

  • helps reduce emissions in urban centres

  • frees up drivers to focus on value-added activities such as developing customer relationships, merchandising, managing assets, and up-selling

“This partnership means we can offer our clients game-changing route and process optimization,” says Mike Allan, our CEO & President, “adiutaByte’s routing capabilities allow us to recommend the most efficient routes and processes to fleet and warehouse managers - reducing travel distance, time, and emissions by over 25%.”

Both teams are excited to see our clients take advantage of the DMS app’s new tools. “We're extremely proud of the outcomes of this strategic partnership so far,” says Dr. Dustin Feld, Co-Founder and MD of adiutaByte, “we’re excited to continue working with Routeique to optimize fleet and warehouse operations.”

Get Started with Routeique

 Are you ready to take advantage of Routeique’s advanced Routing tools? Get in touch with us to learn more or to request a demo at info@routeique. 

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