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We've Teamed Up With MotionMiners To Streamline Warehouse Operations


At Routeique™, we regularly collaborate with companies whose technology complements our own, to bring our users leading-edge features which streamline their logistics and supply chain operations.

One of our most recent collaborations was with MotionMiners, an award-winning Germany-based software company specializing in manual process intelligence.

We worked with the MotionMiners team to develop an enhanced real-time route and warehouse optimization system, and we’re incredibly excited about the benefits that these new features bring to our users.

Our IMS app has long allowed businesses to track key warehouse activities like receiving, picking, and loading. Now, the enhanced warehouse optimization algorithms allow the app to bring even more efficiencies to warehouses.


Sensor Technology and Inventory Management Data: A Game-Changing Combination


In the words of our CEO, Mike Allan, “MotionMiners' technology supercharges our warehouse and inventory management tools.”

The Motion-Mining® sensor and machine learning technologies collect data on movement, ergonomics, and processes within a warehouse. The inventory management data from Routeique™ provides the MotionMiner platform with real-time data, which helps add context to the information which Motion-Mining® collects.

The Routeique™ Inventory Management System (IMS) mobile app then leverages this sensor data along with robust machine learning capabilities.

The app can:

  • prompt the warehouse team to make strategic zone transfers, and to optimize process order for receiving, restocking, picking and loading

  • enable warehouse staff to make strategic adjustments to the warehouse layout and product placement 

These enhancements will help you increase your ROI by reducing unnecessary travel distance within the warehouse and cutting down on process times.


Learn More About Our Recent Partnerships


Today's partnership announcement comes just two weeks after Routeique our partnership announcement with AdiutaByte GmbH on this warehouse and route optimization project.

We’re confident that the ongoing collaboration between our three companies will continue to result in supply chain solutions that help our clients optimize their entire network.


Ready To Get Started?


If you’re ready to start implementing our enhanced inventory management tools in your warehouse or are looking for a demo, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team at




Additional Details About MotionMiners


A multitude of manual work processes take place in the industrial environment. MotionMiners' Motion-Mining technology analyses them individually according to customers' ideas regarding efficiency and ergonomics. MotionMiners' process engineers are thus able to uncover optimization potential and develop alternative courses of action.

This spring, MotionMiners received the prize “LogiMAT BEST PRODUCT 2020” in the category "Software, Communication, IT". This summer, they are a finalist in the Out of the Box.NRW awards. They have also launched an initiative to help employers maintain a safe environment during COVID-19.

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