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Save Time And Improve Data Accuracy With Our Enhanced Financial Hub Features


The Routeique™ Financial Hub enables businesses to integrate their accounting software with our platform, sync customers and products, export invoices, and more. 

In late 2019, our team made several user experience enhancements to the Financial Hub. These changes were designed to streamline onboarding and invoicing and will save our clients time and improve their data accuracy. 

Our enhanced Financial Hub tools include:

  • streamlined onboarding 

  • the ability to push invoices to your accounting software

  • convenient syncing and export options

The bottom line? You’ll never have to deal with the stresses and errors that come with having to re-enter existing data, or manually ensuring consistency across your software tools.


The Features


Get Onboarded With One Click

Manually entering data into a new system can be time-consuming and can increase the chances of human error. Our simple, streamlined process syncs all of your existing customer and accounting data from platforms such as Xero and QuickBooks Online.

How It Works:

  • Users can log in using your accounting software’s credentials. 

  • Once logged in, users will be walked through a simple setup process to sync their data. 

  • Our clients can also easily edit these details at any time, and the changes will automatically sync over to the financial system.


Push Invoices To Your Accounting Software


Routeique™ offers the ability to push invoices from Routeique™ directly back to your accounting software of choice. You can easily view, manage, and push invoices using the Invoice Management system.

How It Works:

  • You can access the system via the Manage Invoices option in your main navigation menu. 

  • There, you can adjust your invoice, and finally, push it to your accounting software.

  • Click here for the full tutorial.


Make Routeique™ Your Source Of Truth With Comprehensive Syncing

With our latest updates, Routeique™ becomes your central source of truth, allowing you to make one update to product and customer profiles and sync that across to your financial system. 

  • Essential info like tax terms, the days your customers can receive products, and shipping info, are seamlessly updated in real-time. This means you can always get the most accurate information possible at any given time. 

  • Additionally, it’s just as easy to export data from Routeique™ as it is to import or sync it.


Contact Us

Are you ready to try out the Routeique™ Financial Hub for your business? Get in touch with our team to request a demo by clicking the button below.




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