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Staying Motivated & Evaluating Success Through OKRs


Traditional management styles had the boss keeping company metrics behind lock and key. They’d sit in their corner office, close the door, and set up a bunch of spreadsheets to keep track of all the numbers - without involving the rest of the team.

But how do you expect team members to be engaged and buy into the company if they don’t know how you’re doing and how that relates to overall objectives?

At Routeique, we’ve adopted the collaborative goal-setting tool known as OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results, to combat the locked door.

Teams and team members set challenging, but still attainable, goals. Part of setting OKRs is also defining how you’ll measure the results. It starts at the top with company-wide goals, then flowing down from there. Each team - development, services, product owners, marketing - sit down and record what their goals are for the year, how they will accomplish them, and how they will measure the success of them.

OKRs keeps everyone on track and engaged in their individual and team work as it relates to the wider OKRs we’re pursuing.

As a way to help keep everyone motivated, we’ve begun sharing company KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on screens above everyone’s desks…because it’s relevant to each and every member and helps them visualize and keep track of their OKRs in turn. We’ve chosen the following key metrics to display:

  • # of Leads in Funnel

  • # of Clients Onboarding

  • # of Website Visits

  • # of Current Software Licenses

Once a quarter we’ll be sitting down within our teams and grading the success of our OKRs - and reevaluating as necessary. But the visual KPIs are a great way to let team members set their own checks and balances.

Client Services Lead, Matt Morris, thinks sharing these metrics for everyone to see will help his team in the long run, “I appreciate the transparency and the thought process behind it, and I look forward to seeing how the KPIs helps everyone measure their work against our team objectives.”

Routeique wants to make sure we’re working smart and making a plan for success. Implementing OKRs is just another way we’re pushing ourselves, working as a team, and coming out from behind the office door.

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