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Staying Seamless, Staying Client-Focused


At Routeique, we make a simple commitment to our clients - seamless supply chains and excellent customer service.

So how do we deliver that experience - a seamless order and delivery management solution - while adapting to the situation in which we find ourselves?

We focus on you.

To continue to offer the same quality of client experience during our transition to a fully remote workforce, we've had to evolve and diversify our approach within our Client Success Team.

Sari Waldman, Client Engagement Manager, allowed us to steal a bit of her time to explain how Routeique is staying customer-focused while being remote.


How are we servicing our clients while modifying how we’re doing things?

Many of our clients are remote as well, so some of it hasn't had to change.

We have kept our regular scheduled weekly calls using Zoom so we can see them face-to-face and stay afloat of any challenges they're currently facing.

Many of our client’s supply chains have been greatly affected by the current COVID-19 situation which resulted in pressing requests to maintain or pivot their business to adapt to their new situations. Many clients are now using features of Routeique they’ve never utilized before in order to do this. To aid them as best we can, we decided to elevate our resources to them.

We have a chat support ticket system which allows us to triage support requests and get them into an available team member right away. This way we can coordinate our team to respond immediately and help the client navigate the platform.

How is the Client Services Team staying organized while elevating your resources? How are you making sure the quality of work is the same as our clients expect with a quicker turnaround?

Making sure we as a team have open and ongoing communication. We stay in touch through Slack and let each other know someone saw the ticket come through, and even sometimes pick up the phone! So we know who is working on what and we know someone is working on the client's request.

We’re also rapidly adding to our bank of user guides and support materials so we can better assist our clients as they adapt to their new situations. We're also creating other forms of support materials to make it easier and quicker for our clients to digest the information - for example, we’re turning more of our written user guides into video guides, and creating additional pop up product tours directly in our platform.

Is there anything unique to us that we're doing to help our clients get through this challenging time?

We are trying to be more proactive by taking the workload off the client if we can - doing whatever we can without involving their time.

For example, we currently have a client who's onboarding with Routeique. To help streamline the onboarding process and allow them more time to focus on their new day-to-day, we've offered to do some set-up tasks within the system for them. This way, we can do some behind-the-scenes syncing to alleviate their workload and avoid a lengthy conference call.

Another client needed to add a new product line onto their account. This client is very familiar with Routeique, so we could have just given them access and let them manually enter all the info, as per usual. Instead, we loaded all the products so they wouldn’t have to spend the time doing it and got them to a place where they could just log in and go ahead and use it.


Using technology and tools to facilitate communication with ourselves and our clients has allowed this transition to flow smoothly - real-time communication with team members through Slack, face-to-face virtual meetings with each other and clients through Zoom, and project/task management through Jira and Confluence.

Just like the Routeique platform, the Routeique team is staying synchronized, allowing for flexibility while keeping, and hopefully exceeding, our high degree of customer service.


Want to know more about the technology and tools we utilize at Routeique?
Jira Software (Project & Support Ticket Tracking):
Confluence (Document Collaboration):
Zoom (Video Conferencing):
Slack (Real-Time Team Communication):
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