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Team Building: Shooting Your Coworker in the Face Edition

Thanks to all team members that came out for our team building evening! And thanks to our local Battle Archery facility, the Combat District, for hosting the Routeique team. It was a great workout and a fantastic way to bond with your coworkers.

The team was in fine form with Ryan firing 2 arrows at a time, not hitting anything, but it looked really cool. Kaitlin was also a contender as her survival skills kicked in, becoming the last standing in almost every game. Well done, Kaitlin! In the office or on the battlefield Eric is all or nothing, fighting his way back from a self-inflicted injury to win the round for the blue team! He also mentioned he threw his body in front of a barrage of arrows to sacrifice himself for the good of the team but no one can confirm his heroic tale. And our own "Katniss Everdeen", Vira, also the organizer of the event, was sporting the most kills (we all have reason to believe she may play regularly). To the rest of the team, your deaths were legendary and there will be songs and stories of your heroic performance.

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